Who is Nikki G.


Nichole “Nikki G” Glemaud was born in Orange Walk Town, Belize. She migrated to America at the age of 5 as an illegal immigrant. Growing up on the north side of Chicago, she served on the Yearbook club in middle school, where she was given her first camera. She loved going around school capturing moments for the yearbook and seeing the final images published. Growing up she also enjoyed making horror movies with her siblings  and making art collages. She realized at an early age she had a passion for the visual arts.

Although she realized her gift for the visual arts, after high school Nichole started nursing school. While there, she soon realized nursing was not for her. After some reflection she decided to return to school for her youth passion, which was the visual arts. New to Texas she decided to attend Texas State Technical College in Waco, TX, where she received an associates degree in Media Communications.

After graduation, Nichole knew she wanted to start a home‐based business to be able to care for her 2 small children. She started Nikki G Productions in 2011 with a $300 camera from a pawnshop. She practically gave away photo shoots  in order to build a strong portfolio .

Nikki G Productions came from being just a photography company to now a flourishing production company offering not only photography, but also video production and web design. She has graduated from individual photo shoots to weddings, corporate and private events.

Going forward, Nichole aims to tap into the TV production field, focusing on uplifting and positive entertainment. She then aims to evolve Nikki G Productions into one of the most sought after high‐end production companies in the DFW Metroplex and then the nation.